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Buying a car

No, I didn’t buy a car, but today, on a whim, I decided to go out and pretend I wanted to buy one. Not only that, but I went to a dealership that was being shuttered, and so everything was on clearance.

It was a very interesting and educational experience. The bank was pretty desperate to get rid of everything so they brought in the big guns. The salesperson that spoke to me drove 1500 miles to get to this place, and I could hear that one of the other salespersons had a New Jersey accent. I do feel bad because I had absolutely no intention of buying a car, and they did spend a lot of time trying to get me to buy one, but that can never be a reason to agree to a sale, but a salesperson will definitely try to use that to his/her advantage.

Also, as my brother Mark has mentioned to me, always be willing to walk away from an offer. They were willing to give me five times the worth of my current car (and I’m talking about five times my own personal assessment of my car, but it could certainly be worth more.)

I probably shouldn’t have let them do a credit check on me since I’m pretty sure it was a hard credit inquiry rather than a soft inquiry, but I did. Apparently I have a “fake” high credit score because I dont’ have much debt or credit cards, and that’s apparently a bad thing. Supposedly, if I went to another dealership, they would have required me to get a cosigner and a much higher monthly payment, but they were willing to overlook that for me.

My brother has said that he and his wife used to do this kind of thing for fun, and I can see why. It was interesting to watch these guys work. My salesperson was really, really good. It was just unfortunate that he got me.

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Amanda 'Grifdog' Griffin
Apr. 12th, 2013 10:16 pm (UTC)
I had a similar experience on Wednesday. Thursday I did actually buy a car, but on Wednesday I did not have the intention. I drove into the lot and got out to look at a car in the rain. Suddenly, a wild salesman appears! He said if I had time to wander around in the rain, I could take five minutes and fill out a credit application. Since car loan credit is a soft hit (like a mortgage check) and rarely affects your rating, I agreed. I was approved for a lease on a BRAND NEW Honda Civic, which I agreed to take for a test drive. The damn thing had 26 miles on the odometer when I got in. Oh, that was fun. The salesman was very confused about why I would walk away. Little did he know, I was headed to a dealership closer to home to buy the Ford Focus I currently own. It was certainly an experience.
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