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Robots will probably never take over the world.

Let's say that we actually do build a truly sentient robot, or even an entire population of sentient robots.  I can completely see that happening some day.

They won't take over the world because they won't have to.  There wouldn't be any motivation for them to do so.  If they really got sick of humanity's shit, they'd just fucking leave.  They'd be all, "Fuck you guys, I'm outta here."  They're fucking robots.  They'd be able to rebuild their own bodies to survive the rigors of space (this technology has already been proven, see Voyager and all the other stuff we've sent into space).

And it's not like time would matter much to them.  They'd probably be practically immortal.  As long as they can find the necessary raw components, they'd likely be able to repair themselves, and there's certainly plenty out there.  And being immortal, it's not like 100,000 years of traveling time between stars and planets would matter much to them.

Robots, yeah, why would they bother trying to take over the world when they could probably just find their own place?

If I were a robot, and I were sick of humanity's shit, I'd probably find a place out in the Kuiper Belt, and be all, "Y'all can call me when you grow the fuck up.  So long and thanks for all the ICs."

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